That's an age old question, "Is all soap the same".

The answer is very simple, no it is not. 

Although we think soap is just for cleansing, the reality is that soap does so much more than that. Soap has moisturizing properties. Some soap i specifically designed for certain purposes. There's soap for itching, extra dry skin, soothing soap, soap for blemishes and skin imperfections. Soap is not a cure all but it does provide a source for our largest organ of our body to get some much needed nutrients. 

Let's talk about oils. Oils provide nutrients as well as skin moisturizing. Some soap makers use RSPO oils, Organically sourced oils, while others choose to use a standard oil. Oils are what makes your soap different in my opinion. Have you ever used a soap and felt drier after maybe even itchy? That has to do with the oils content as well as the type of soap. I plan to do an entire article on oils, maybe even a few since there's so much information and misinformation. 

So back to that question...soap is very , very different. Depending on who, what, and where it is made. I see soaps advertised "handmade", but then see a commercial or ad showing large machines churning out these soaps in mass production. I feel if you are going to say handmade it should mean that you are processing the soaps the old fashioned way, with time and patience curing your soaps upon a shelf. Once a company transitions over to an assembly line of machines and workers they no longer fall under the handmade category.

There are many soap engineers out there working in their sanitary labs within their home or building who make hand made soap the way it was meant to be. Find one and try a few. When you see small business displays in stores or markets consider purchasing those instead of commercial soap. It's a win-win for everyone. You get a better quality soap without added chemicals and you are also helping a family continue to keep their business running and food on their table.

Online is a great way to shop around and try different soap manufacturers. I would love for you to buy my soap but I also think you should try others too. That's what's so fun about soaping! You, your kids, your whole family and friends will all look forward to bathing with all the different combination of scents and colors of handmade soap. 

No two soaps are created the same, even ones from the same mold! Soap is a lot like us in that way, don't ya' think?